Wednesday, October 3, 2012

América TeVe exclusive

Kudos to Oscar Haza, host of  "A Mano Limpia," for broadcasting my interview with former Cuban spy Juan Pablo Roque.
Haza, along with América TeVe news director Miguel Cossio, recognized that the Roque story has news value and is broadcasting it exclusively this week.
I wrote a main story and sidebar about the interview for the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting, which distributed the pieces to other publications.
The story is creating a buzz in Miami, where the Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald versions of the piece had generated more than 1,165 comments by Oct. 4.
Many news websites and blogs picked up the story, including TelemundoCubaEncuentro and Diario de Cuba.

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Mambi_Watch said...

Congrats Tracy. Yet the show's producers decided to not mention your name or your blog when the interview was broadcast AmericaTeVe.

You do good work, and your name or blog should have been at least mentioned.